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I’m Kyle, a multimedia designer, creative consultant, and student at UC Berkeley studying business and media studies with focuses and certificates in design innovation and entrepreneurship and technology. At Berkeley, I serve as Chief Marketing Officer at imagiCal, Design Director at  The Undergraduate Marketing Association, and a designer at Blockchain at Berkeley. Outside of school, I currently work as a Brand and Product Designer at Relentlo. I am specifically interested in leveraging media and design for social impact, and helping to teach others about the importance of creative work in business, social causes, and technology. In fact, I teach a Brand Design class at Berkeley focused on just that!

When away from my computer, you can find me obsessing over Arsenal football club and playing the newest Nintendo Switch game. I’ve been designing logos, print, mobile, and web platforms for about 5 years. I specialize in brand identity, product design, and creative ideation. At the moment, I am also really interested in designing for blockchain and the metaverse, as well as learning about really interesting experiential and guerrilla marketing tactics.

If you would like to discuss your project or see more examples of my work please get in touch.
Cheers, 👋

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