08/2021 – 12/2021


Branding and Marketing Consultant, Lead Designer


Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Customer Acquisition Strategy, Branding, Visual Design, Social Media Marketing, Creative Consulting


As part of Imagical, Berkeley’s creative consulting organization, we worked with Afresh, a unique operating system to help grocers increase sales, empower store teams, stock fresher food, and reduce waste. They had a strong B2B presence but lacked brand and name recognition amongst everyday consumers, leading to a lack of trust amongst mass audiences and even potential B2B partners. They worked with us to develop their first consumer-facing marketing and creative strategy, as well as developing a brand strategy and visual identity that felt less corporate and had a distinct personality.


Afresh’s product offering is a B2B SaaS suite that helps grocers optimize their services and prevent food waste. However, this led to a small social media presence and brand identity that struggled amongst mass consumer audiences, which was harming their B2B brand pitch and made corporate partners hesitate in implementing their SaaS services. Additionally, considering the brand’s focus on food waste and sustainability, they recognized an untapped potential to appeal to a consumer audience that will advocate for their solutions to be implemented.

Over the course of 5 months, we worked to develop a social media strategy, B2C visual and communicative brand identity, and guerrilla marketing strategy to be implemented in late 2022. 


We conducted extensive competitive analysis and consumer research to target relevant consumer groups, ideate new guerrilla marketing strategies, and also make recommendations focused on employer branding. This was followed by recommendations and creative executions regarding brand identity and social media cadence.


To further inform our solutions and garner a better understanding of how to present a B2B brand to consumer audiences, we utilized a variety of research methods to better inform our solution. This included 10+ user interviews, in depth competitive analyses, and a variety of secondary research. These delivered us some key insights to take forward with us into our ideation process.

*This Case Study is In Progress! Check back soon for more details!*