07/2019 – 11/2019


Full Graphic Designer, Logo Designer, Web Developer


User Research, UI/UX Development, Web Development, Branding, Logo Design, Marketing, Social Media


Alameda Counts: the city of Alameda's effort to make sure everyone within Alameda is counted in Census 2020.

This year, for the first time ever, the Census can be filled out online. Alameda Counts’ website is the place for Alameda citizens to commit to be counted. The Census board wanted a logo that invoked community and inclusion, while still seeming official and reputable, also highlighting the three key actionable events: pledge, capture, and attend. This was also highlighted in my web development work, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and action.


Due to Alameda County being undercount by up to 20% in 2010, and just a 5% undercount leading to $1.6 Billion in lost funding over the next decade and $2,000 lost per person not counted, getting Alameda citizens to be counted in Census 2020 was paramount. Especially considering COVID-19 and the county stay-at-home order, providing online resources was especially important.


Our solution was multi-faceted. The first part was our website, attached to the government website, highlighting various resources, the importance of being counted, and encouraging participation and pledging to be counted. This was to be used in tandem with promotional material I designed to be sent to all Alameda houses, and incentivizing participation through vouchers and social media.


The hero counts the number of people who have been pledged to be counted for Census 2020 in Alameda, and was updated daily.


The involvement section has direct calls-to-action, asking community members to get involved in the community, and was followed by Census news and events coming up.

Informational Resources

Lastly, the site had information resources to calm much of the fear and stigma associated with the Census, especially regarding citizenship.

Promotional Infographic