09/2019 – 11/2020


Web Developer


User Research, UI/UX Development, Web Development


Fast Functional Feet: a sports performance company that helps athletes maximize their physical, technical, and mental potential through innovative training and education.

Head trainer Chris Raymundo wanted a revamped website redesign to reflect their company and its ambitions: sleek, modern, minimal, and exciting. I worked with the 3F team to create a full e-commerce site that highlights their features, products, and core brand message.


Fast Functional Feet’s website needed updating after seeing low web traffic and a hard-to-navigate, static webpage. The pages were static and simple, lacking click-throughs to purchasing. It also lacked e-commerce functionality, relying on forms and then the company following up on purchases.

Old Website


I rebranded and redesigned Fast Functional Feet’s site to align with a modern aesthetic, choosing a bold, sans serif typeface, a bolder green, and aggressive verbiage to align with the brand and direct traffic straight to purchases with new e-commerce functionality.


The hero section is straightforward and simple. It announces the brand message and suggests “starting today”, a direct call to action.


The footer section again has a call to action – “maximizing potential” and has direct links to email and contacts.

Product Page

The e-commerce page is sleek and simple, highlighting their products and has an easy, simplified check-out process.


The contact section furthers this theme of direct contact and action, using an email form as well as links to social media.