10/2020 – 01/2021


Designer, Web Developer


Web Development, Web Design, UI/UX, Graphic and Print Design


Pacific Coast Real Estate is an experienced Real Estate company that has assisted over 150 home buyers and sellers with over 50 years of experience.

Working with Pacific Coast Real Estate, I redesigned and developed a brand new website, integrated with automated property listings and new features. The company wanted a new website to encourage their company to emphasize modernity and highlight better mobile optimization. This site was developed in tandem with a new newsletter and marketing strategy.


Pacific Coast saw relatively poor website engagement among similar companies, and has little difference in general aesthetic between 2010 and 2020. A dependence on community referrals and in-person connection led to a lack of social media and online presence and unassured digital brand.


I worked with Pacific Coast Real Estate’s Ryan Dunn to discuss the direction and visual identity of the brand and how that should be best portrayed on a digital scale. We then conducted competitive analysis and I worked to build a sleek, modern, and accessible site with a simplified logo and color palette in tandem with modern design.


The hero section is a direct call-to-action. It highlights the beauty of the properties and shows the customer the direct business proposition: “Find your next property.”


The About section shows off the wealth of experience and positive reviews of the company, as well as providing brief context about the company.

Property List

The property list has been simplified and is easily accessible, with a list of the properties on “cards” that feature the location and price.

Single Property

I worked to set up an automated property listing system wherein with information and pictures, the site automatically populates a new property page for the property, with all the information cleanly organized and streamlined.


The contact section is clean and straightforward, featuring the brokers, their familiar faces, and contact info next to an email box with automated message sending features.