08/2020 – 010/2020


Designer, Web Developer


Branding, Marketing, Web Development, Design


September Rebellion is Extinction Rebellion Youth U.S.’s nation-wide campaign during September 2020 focusing on environmental justice.

This campaign worked to address systematic, environmental injustice by centering vulnerable communities in the national conversation around climate change. The three components for this campaign are “Paint the Streets”, Non-Violent Direct Action, and Digital Education via social media. Throughout the month of September, XRYUS’s Local Groups coordinated sticker & poster campaigns that incite conversation around these values, hosted NVDA actions, and educated about environmental racism on social media. 


Within climate change activism circles, the disproportionate affect of climate change and disasters on low income and minority communities is something that is often neglected. The community often centers white activists, rather than centering vulnerable communities in this discussion.


To combat these issues, Extinction Rebellion Youth US decided to center the entire month of September 2020 on the importance of the intersectionality between social and racial justice and the environmental movement through a coordinated local group campaign, sticker and poster campaigns, and social media outreach.


Our logo works to stand out, with an aggressive color scheme and the traditional XR typeface. The use of “grunge” and texture overlays fits the rebellious aesthetic associated with XR.

Secondary Logo

The secondary logo was used for smaller instances, with the “9R” often being used interchangeably with “September Rebellion” as a whole.

Color Scheme

The color scheme was bold, contemporary, and clashed purposefully to draw attention on a screen while also utilizing much of the color scheme still associated with XR.

Hero Section

The website was redesigned entirely for the campaign, transitioning to a “dark mode” to highlight this month and note a stark difference in our objectives for the month, calling attention to the importance of action now. This worked well with the color scheme of 9R.


The three main components of the campaign were “paint the streets” which involved spreading the campaign message through sticking and postering, non-violent direct action, and digital education around the importance of intersectionality within the climate movement.


In the wake of the mass protests in the face of police brutality and racial injustice, XR wanted to recommend donating to organizations focused on supporting BIPOC protestors and businesses.

Graphic Posters

As part of the “Paint the Streets” campaign, multiple XR posters were made poking fun at many gen-Z references and highlighting the importance of environmental action in a more lighthearted manner.