12/2020 – 05/2021


Designer, Marketing Consultant


Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Design, User Research, Competitive Analysis

S'well asked us to bring life to the teakwood collection for early to mid 2021 campaigns.

Working as part of UC Berkeley’s Undergraduate Marketing Association’s design team, I worked with S’well Bottles to ideate and create innovative and new advertising and marketing materials to promote their teakwood collection. A company with a distinct brand identity and feel, S’well wanted assets and campaigns that felt on brand and promoted the strengths of their product, but also creative executions and novel ideas that pushed the boundaries of their prior advertising material.


We utilized market research, competitive analysis, and data-driven insights to present two unique ways to market the teakwood collection. Within each campaign, we have various ways to market the collection based on tone and target audience, with data-driven insights for each. Below are some of the highlights from our proposals.

Boyfriend? Nah, Teakwood.

One of our creative executions was to highlight humor to appeal to a younger consumer demographic. Boyfriend? Nah, Teakwood pushed S’well’s traditional limits and leaned into the potential for virality across social media platforms.


We provided key insights for S’well in regards to the importance of making an instantaneous impact on consumers, as well as the effectiveness of employing humor in advertising. 

Social Executions

Our social executions for this campaign showed our campaign in action, with humorous posts that will thrive in terms of engagement, while still maintaining S’well’s brand identity.

Pop Art

One of my executions that was very popular with our client was pop art, highlighting the various features of the product in various settings in bold and appealing settings. We constantly tried to provide our client with more unconventional advertising approaches.

Start A Family

Another campaign we ideated, Start a Family, targeted families and parents, a key demographic and consumer base emphasized by the client. We focused on graphics that complimented this and focused on UGC (User-Generated Content).


Key insights for this campaign focused on the importance of family in Millennials’ identity, the effectiveness of UGC, and the usefulness of Word-Of-Mouth.

Social Executions

Social executions here were friendly, welcoming, and subtle. The “Family Photo” was received especially well due to its effect on various consumers.


We completed our work with a photoshoot to help with our executions but also provide the client with additional examples of how our campaigns and their product can be utilized.

This is just a brief glimpse into our work with S’well. For more information about our other campaigns, our team, and my creative process, please contact me!