09/2020 – 012/2020


Design Consultant


Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Design, User Research, Competitive Analysis

Verb Energy wanted assistance in ideating new marketing and social media strategy and posts and launching their new student brand ambassador program.

Working as part of UC Berkeley’s Undergraduate Marketing Association’s¬†design team, I worked with Verb Energy bars to flesh out their social media and ideate new postings, campaigns, and graphics for their general social posts, product launches, and a new customer ambassador program. Starting with research and using an iterative process with multiple rounds of feedback, we aimed to not only provide a fresh, novel perspective, but also create ready-to-post creative executions that follow Verb Energy’s brand guidelines and overall brand aesthetic.


To gain further insight into how Verb Energy can expand their social media presence and gain a larger share of the energy bar space, we did extensive research. Following this, we focused on social media executions and content generation, working iteratively with the Verb team.

Product Research

To better understand and ideate concepts for Verb Energy, we did extensive research into the brand’s current aesthetic, and identified their fun, witty, and vibrant branding as key differentiating factors.

Brand Model Research & Competitive Analysis

After identifying their brand positioning, we worked to research brand models, specifically regarding social media presence. We followed this with competitor analysis for the energy bar and caffeine space.

Social Media Stories

We started our creative executions with social media stories for instagram to be used for product launches. Our goal was not only to align with the brand aesthetic but also lead to direct click-throughs to the new product pages.

Social Media Posts

We continued by generating social media post assets. These posts were designed to align with the brand aesthetic but also appeal to a gen-Z customer demographic.


In addition to social media executions, we also worked to create merchandise for Verb, specifically trying to impart the brand message in a creative way.

Brand Ambassadors

After surveying over 100 students, we presented Verb Energy with a coherent, ready-to-launch brand ambassador program with graphics and social media recommendations regarding aesthetic and cadence.